Healing the Body

I want to spend some time talking about how important the environment, nutrition, and everyday spiritual energy alignment is for bodily health. One personal story that I can share about this is in regards to my eyesight. I have always had poor vision and my prescription would usually get stronger each eye exam because my vision got worse. I changed my diet to mainly fruits, spent time meditating, and tried to limit toxins I was exposed to. All of these little things added up immensely! At my next eye doctor visit, the doctor told me my prescription had changed...however, it changed because the prescription was too strong. My eyesight had actually gotten better! The doctor told me that he had never seen such a drastic change for the better in someone my age before. This just goes to show that a healthier diet, energy alignment, mindful meditation, and creating an overall positive environment with less toxins can change your body. I strive to help people make these changes with my services such as crystal therapy, reiki, etc. and with my background knowledge and certifications! Stay grounded and stay healthy everyone...sending love:)

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