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Come Back To Your Whole Self

This video encompasses everything we're about here at Rochelle's Reiki!

“A journey of a thousand miles 

begins with a single step”

 - Lao Tzu

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COVID-19 DISCLAIMER: in store shopping is at a smaller capacity, services have special precautions and sanitation requirements, most services can be done distanced / with the use of technology. Thank you for your patience!


  • Clients and shoppers will be asked to sign a waiver acknowledging possible risks and also fill out a disclosure form

  • Clients and shoppers will be asked to wear a mask into the store

  • Clients will be asked to wash their hands and remove their shoes before entering the healing room

  • Thorough sanitation of the healing room will be completed in between each client

  • Clients and shoppers by appointment will be spread out to adhere to the social distancing regulations 

  • Two shoppers will be allowed in the store at a time

  • Classes will start at five people and can be adjusted according to current regulations

  • Some classes and treatments are offered online as well as distance in person


All treatments include holistic healing where we discuss nutrition, environment, and other physical aspects of life.

Holy Fire Reiki

Can be distance or in person. This session provides deep energy healing which allows your body to become more balanced and aligned through hands on / off energy channeling, crystal therapy, aromatherapy, and sound frequency healing.

1 hour - $95

1.5 hours - $150

Copper Meditation Pyramid

Must be in person. Includes aromatherapy with oils and crystal therapy. Time is spent meditating under a copper pyramid representative of the Pyramid of Giza. Chair may be used to align chakras.

30 minutes - $20

1 hour - $35

Amethyst Nap

Must be in person. Relaxing and rejuvenating nap experience. Includes aura cleansing, aromatherapy with oils, crystal therapy, and resting or meditating on a far infrared amethyst crystal bed.

30 minutes - $20

1 hour - $35

After Hours Consultation

This is for clients who are struggling with energy or emotion related experiences and can't wait until a scheduled appointment. Set up a call, and I will coach you through your struggles and questions without having to come in.

30 minutes - $20

Distance Healing

I will connect with you by phone, messenger, email, and / or video chat for a consultation and assess what needs to be energetically aligned. I will send continuous healing energy during this time.

30 minutes - $60

Crystal Healing Sound Bath Meditation

Can be distance or in person. Includes aura cleansing, crystal and aromatherapy. 30 minutes will be used for sound frequency healing with singing bowls, chimes, and shamanic drumming.

1 hour - $75

Pet Reiki

Can be performed in store / at home. If a pet is experiencing anxiety or pain, reiki can be performed on the animal to complete alignment. Crystals and energy work will be done to help them relax.

30 minutes - $25 with possible extra travel charges


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For most of her life Rochelle has carried a deep passion for helping others achieve wellness through nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. She has been studying and integrating many holistic and alternative modalities for more than 20 years. She uses hands on touch, crystals, sound frequency, aromatherapy & nutrition to bring her client's energy into alignment, allowing them to feel more emotionally, physically & spiritually balanced. Being more balanced allows people to be in a more relaxed, stress free state. Reaching a deeper state of relaxation can help the body release physical & emotional pain, depression, anxiety, and is a complement to most medical & psychological treatments. Rochelle provides a comfortable environment and honors her client's spiritual preferences.

Rochelle believes the purpose of her journey in this life is to help others. Her open mind and heart paves a path of discovery & development. This allows Rochelle to help others along their paths as well. Rochelle has a genuine appreciation for life and a deep respect for all living things.

A healing session with Rochelle will allow you to experience pure holographic sound, you will hear and feel this resonate through your body, hands on/off warm gentle touch, beautiful aromas, and a safe & comfortable environment. You will experience complete relaxation, allowing you to achieve a meditative state. This state allows your body, mind & soul to heal. Deeper healing of more long term

issues may take multiple appointments.

Rochelle is certified as a Holy Fire Reiki Master & Teacher through the Minnesota Reiki Center for Healing & Training. She is a certified crystal healer through Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy. Rochelle has received her certification as a sound healer through the Institute for Holographic Sound and Inner Balance. She has participated in the Sage Goddess Holistic Healer Program for two years. She is currently working on becoming a certified aromatherapist and is studying evolutionary herbalism to further enhance the potency of her healing sessions. In her free time, Rochelle also enjoys dancing, gardening, hiking, yoga, watching movies & spending time with her family.



Rochelle's Reiki


White Wolf Creations


Rochelle works closely with Ariel to enhance the energetic needs of the client. Ariel uses divine channeling to bring the personalized reiki healing and medicine that are most beneficial to the person utilizing it. The jewelry is customized with hemp or leather to create necklaces and bracelets with genuine gemstone beads.

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  • Usui Holy Fire Reiki Ryoho III Master Teacher

  • Usui Holy Fire III Karuna Master Teacher

  • Certified Online Teacher

  • Certified Crystal Healer

  • Certified Holographic Sound Healer (Advanced Level)

  • Certified Holistic Healer

  • Certified Fairyologist 

  • Certified Nutritional Coach

  • Pending certified aromatherapist

  • Pending evolutionary herbalist

  • Pending tissue salt therapist


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"Working with Rochelle was a true blessing and I would send anyone I know to her."


"I saw vivid and swirling colors, much like an oil painting in progress!"


"During the healing, Rochelle's energy was off the charts!"


"This woman right here is a godsend to me and my daughter! She is patient, kind, strong, comforting, smart, funny, and safe!